Lilly Astrow


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As an advertising designer at Snapchat, I create captivating, high-performing filters and snapads. Everything on Snapchat is skippable, so the onus is always on the creative to determine a campaign's success. I develop insightful creative strategies to entice consumers to incorporate branded content into their close communication.



Feb 14, 2017 - National Geofilter

Cartier wanted a product-focused filter that aligned with their new Valentine’s Day messaging “How far would you go for love?” 

Photography and photorealistic images are not allowed on Snapchat, so I drew their iconic bracelet with lots of luxurious detail.

This was one of the first national filters to run in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is one of the best performing filters ever. Its share rate (how many people saw the filter and used it) was over 15%. Normally that number hovers around 3%. 

Millions of people interacted with Cartier and used the brand to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends. 

Almond Board

Sunday 20, 2017 - National Dayparted Geofilter

Almond Board wanted to appeal to users looking to kickstart healthy habits at the beginning of spring. They came to us without any creative strategy. I developed a campaign idea based around tweaking colloquialisms to promote healthy living. I also made a set of almond-based illustrations mimicking popular emojis.

This was one of the first ever day-parted filters on Snapchat, which meant the creative changed every few hours throughout the day. I fit the copy and design on each filter to best cater to the user’s mood at various moments, with the hope that they’d use all five filters through the course of the first day of spring, and build a story about how almonds helped them accomplish their new health priorities.

This preformed extremely well, and converted Almond Board from a nervous, first-time client to an always-on spender on Snapchat.




December 23, 2017 - National Animated Geofilter

Winners (a TJ Max equivalent in Canada) wanted to reach users on Snapchat who needed a final push to do their holiday shopping. We were beta-testing the animated filter product, and they were a great fit.

They provided the assets they were using for their overall holiday campaign, which I laid out to aligned with best practice for Snapchat. We recommend light animation for the filter products, so I lit up Rudolph’s nose and twirled the snowflakes. 

I led the animated filter beta test for the Ad Design team, which included developing the best practice for the product, as well as working with engineers and product managers to make this product easy for external agencies to tackle.